What is Easy Catalog ?

Easy Catalog is a user friendly software to create multimedia catalog.

Easy Catalog allows to create in the easier way customized catalog of products, images and all item that may be classified, stored and distributed.

Easy Catalog allows to rich a professional result otherwise obtainable only with the support of graphics studios or information technology specialists.

Why should I use Easy Catalog?

Easy Catalog is an investment: with Easy Catalog you can get great results at lowest costs, so you can achive a marketing policy of your products and services with the best quality/price relationship.

If you don't believe, ask for development costs of a catalog for press, Cd-rom or the Internet...

But what Easy Catalog can do for me?

Easy Catalog allows you to manage a limitless number of catalogs and every catalog may contain a limitless number of items (with relative images and descriptions). Every catalog may be updatet, modified, cloned, deleted in the simplest way.

You can customize the catalog, its database, description fields, search filters , title, subtitle and so on.

That's all?

NO! Easy Catalog is even more!

With few muose clicks you can choose how to publish (paper, Cd-rom, the Internet), the graphical layouts, the colors and characteristics and... voilà the catalog is ready!

Do you want to see some examples? Click HERE !

Do you want to see the software screenshots? Click HERE!

In conclusion, the advantage to use Easy Catalog are obvious:

  • It is possible to make catalogs of every type (trades articles, services, photographic and artistic collections, video and musical catalogs ...)
  • It is possible to keep the catalogs constantly updated
  • It is possible to publish the same catalogs on different supports (paper, Cd-rom, Internet)
  • It minimizes the costs for the creation of catalogs
  • It is possible to download new graphical layouts from the official web site. Customized layouts on request.


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