Software screenshots

Easy Catalog is a versatile software to create multimedia catalog.

Easy Catalog allows to create in the easier way customized catalog of products, images and everything could be classified, archived and delivered.

Catalogs explorer

Catalogs publishing

User can fully customize its catalog, starting from database setting, choose of field and search filter, throught giving title sub-title up to company data insertion, color choice and catalong pubblication.

Step of catalog creation

Easy catalog manage more than one catalog that user can personalize.Catalog creation is studied to be user friendly. It is sufficient to reply to some question the system asks for.

Catalog management window

When the catalog has been created user can easily insert items characteristics, their images and tech data.

Item properties

Adding images window

When data insertion has been completed the catalog is ready for pubblication.You can print on paper burn on Cd-Rom or upload it on the Internet.

Step of catalog publication and skins choice

During pubblication user may choose the presentation skin. It may be customized on color filling and backgroung.

Step of catalog pubblication and settings

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